Today Rotary District 6290 Governor Paul Heroman paid us a visit.
Paul's overriding theme was not to forget to tell the stories. Rotary has four priorities:
  • Increase our input
  • Expand our reach
  • Enhance participant engagement
  • Increase our ability to adapt
Paul says that RI President Jennifer Jones is our storyteller in chief.  She urges us to imagine a tomorrow featuring
  • a world without polio
  • clean water for all
  • literacy for children everywhere
  • kindness, love and peace
If we don't tell our story, no one else will.  Rotary's current focus is on leadership, membership and the Foundation.  Leadership means leaders for today and tomorrow.  Membership means not just numbers, but new types of clubs.  The RI Foundation is one of the best in the world but is not always recognized as such.  Foundation projects include Polio Plus, the Ukraine relief effort and Hanwash, the District's long-term clean-water initiative in Haiti.