Posted by John Ester on Jul 25, 2017
Alan Marble is a retired DNR Enforcement Officer who chooses to spend part of each summer as a cook at an isolated hunting and fishing camp in Alaska.
Alan has been the consummate outdoors-man in both his professional and person lives. After he retired he had the opportunity to become a cook at a camp on the Peace River--an opportunity he took up with the encouragement of his wife.  In his PowerPoint presentation Alan showed us the 16' x 16' log cabin where he works every day from 5:00 a.m. until midnight, as well as the tent where he spends his nights. The camp is in the midst of brown bear territory, although the bears stay away from the camp (almost always!). In addition to the bears the area is the home to the huge Alaska moose.
Most of the clients who pay the $25,000 fee to come to the camp are millionaires hunting bears or moose, although the fishing there is also great.   In mid-July the Sockeye Salmon turn pure red when they are spawning. Other sought-after fish are Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char and Arctic Grayling.
While the outdoors is what attracted Alan to the Peace River, his abilities as a chef were equally apparent from his photos.