Molly Stephenson has been in the U.S. Foreign Service since 2001. She spoke to us via Zoom from Fairfax, Virginia.
Molly became interested in foreign service in high school when she was an exchange student in West Germany. Following her graduation from Michigan State Molly worked for the American Bar Association for six years before seeking employment at the State Department.  Becoming a diplomat in the State Department is not a simple proposition; it is test-based, involving a comprehensive written exam followed by an oral exam.
Molly's career at the State Department has included being the Deputy Director of the Department's Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs.  This has involved working to establish connections between the U.S. and countries including the Philippines, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.  Projects have included cultural heritage preservation, conservation training and the removal of people from Afghanistan.
Molly's next assignment will be as second in command at the U.S. Embassy in Mozambique.  As part of her preparation for the job Molly is currently spending five hours a day learning Portuguese.  A lifetime of such dedication is most impressive.