Posted by John Ester on Apr 16, 2019
Today's program was  about cracking the stigma of mental illness. At the end of the presentation Sonny Rodriguez on behalf of the Club presented a symbolic big check for $1,000  to Stigma Busters Dani, Nick and David to further their efforts.

Dani Horvath is an employment specialist who is retired from Central Wellness. Nick Lonsdale was born with cerebral palsy but now works for BACN two days a week and is a certified Buddy for Benzie Bus. David Rhodes was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at 19 but is now a skilled artist. 

Their presentation addressed the real difficulties and barriers that Nick and David have faced and how they have overcome or learned to live with them-- shining examples of what people can achieve no matter their situation. The Club was happy to support their efforts.