As described in Dave Wynne's PowerPoint presentation, the Guatemala Housing Alliance is a charitable foundation Dave and his siblings established to improve the lives and living conditions of indigenous Mayans at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.
An initial goal was to alleviate some of the worst housing conditions so prevalent in the Guatemalan highlands. Thus GHA built 47 homes and subsequently laid 154 floors over dirt in old adobe homes.  More recently GHA's emphasis has been on education.  In that regard GHA's efforts have included:
  • Building two classrooms for pre-school students
  • Sponsoring the education of many kids from elementary to university level
  • Establishing a tutoring program
  • Offering enrichment classes to all scholarship kids
GHA also has organized a beading cooperative for single moms, as well as workshops to discuss topics of their choice--like nutrition, legal rights and sanitation.  As became clear in the Q&A following the slide show, all in attendance were impressed by the efforts of the Guatemala Housing Alliance. Information as to donations to GHA can be found in the organization's website.