Today Grow Benzie Executive Director Josh Stoltz returned to give us an update on his organization's Strategic Plan and Direction.
Over the past three years Grow Benzie has been working hard to understand how best to help Benzie County have an impact for children, families and communities.  There are three types of projects Grow Benzie supports:
  • Non-profit:  Projects to improve the lives of children, families and communities.
  • Community Initiatives:  Projects designed to address complex problems affecting Benzie County.
  • Food & Farming Enterprises:  For-profit enterprises in need of space to experiment and grow.
Grow Benzie has an impressive toolbox of services for projects:
  • Online Capacity Building tools (Ideation, communication and collaboration).
  • Grant Writing
  • Network of Local Champions
  • Fiscal Management
Josh''s PowerPoint presentation was supplemented by Sunrise Rotarian Gaia Pampu, Grow Benzie's Systems Resource Manager.  Among other things Gaia is a skilled grant writer.  We also heard testimonials praising Grow Benzie from Kathy Ross of Days for Girls and Maggie Bacon of BEST Benzie County.  We are fortunate indeed to have Grow Benzie in our midst.