Posted by John Ester on Jan 16, 2018
Kathi Houston is the Volunteer Services Coordinator at the Family Division of the 19th Circuit Court in Beulah.
The 19th Circuit Court's Family Division works with juveniles (roughly ages 11-16) who have "come to the attention" of the Court for one reason or another, frequently from the sale or use of drugs. The program seeks to help kids who have been placed on probation by the court.
Volunteers recruited by Kathi--and working under the supervision of a court-employed social worker--facilitate and mentor kids as they serve their probation. This frequently involves handling the logistics that will permit the participants to do such things as attend tutoring seesions, go to music lessons, join a club, get a job, etc.
There are currently about 20 volunteers active in this program in Benzie County, and Kathi is looking for more. Those interesting in helping out should contact Kathi through email at or by cell phone at (231) 510-1721.