History teacher Scott Kubit thanked the Club for its support of the annual trip to Chicago for Benzie Central juniors that he has organized the last seven years. 
Scott read aloud a letter to the Club from one of last year's participants whose attendance was made possible by the Club's donation:
"First off I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me money to go on the trip. It expanded my horizons tremendously and it opened my eyes of what the real world is. I made so many memories going to Chicago it was the most memorable experience I ever had. I think if you give another kid the opportunity to go on this mind blowing trip they will be amazed just as much as me or even more. The sights and the people in Chicago were very diverse and intriguing. Also I'm giving Mr. Kubit a shout out for helping me along in Chicago and hooking me up with the Rotary to get me the money to go to Chicago. 
Thanks again!"