The Beach Bums' Scott Montesano and Dan Rohn examine the Cherry Hut treats they received from Barb after their presentation at Sunrise Rotary.  Scott is the club's Director of Media & Broadcasting, while Dan is its veteran manager.
The Traverse City Beach Bums were the Richmond Roosters until they were purchased in 2005 by John and Leslye Wuerfel and moved to Traverse City.  They began play in 2006 at newly constructed Wuerfel Park. The team is part of the Frontier League, and players range in age from 21 to 27. The players are paid $600-$2,000 a month, and all live with host families in the area.  The league is not affiliated with Major League Baseball, but the players all aspire to reach "the bigs."
According to their manager, the Beach Bums are equivalent to a high A ball club.  In 2015 they won the Frontier League championship, as evidenced by the trophy that Scott and Don brought to the meeting.  They play at a top-notch facility and in 2015 were among league leaders in attendance.  Among the questions fielded by Dan was what youngsters hoping to pursue a career in baseball should concentrate on.  His answer:  core strength, plus keep it fun!