Roger Perry fields questions about Cuba today.
Today Sunrise Rotarian Roger gave a most informative PowerPoint presentation based on his recent trip to Cuba.  After giving us a short history of Cuba, Roger explained that some so-called "myths" are actually true.  Thus, there really are a lot of old American cars there and the population really is well-fed, well clothed and educated, with good medical services.  And still present are signs of American imperialism.
On the other hand there is little decent housing, with people basically living outdoors.  Factories have been abandoned, and what industry is present is labor intensive, involving the making of products such as clothing and cigars.  Farms are small, with little modern machinery.  Young people are leaving Cuba in large numbers, particularly now with the thawing of relations with the U.S.
But efforts are underway to rejuvenate neighborhoods--whether through government help or community initiatives.  Many Cubans have become entrepreneurs.  Capitalism is in its infant stages, and the country is struggling to maintain a balance between a state-run economy and capitalism.  Cubans are friendly to Americans, and from Roger's description a trip there would be enjoyable as well as educational.