Today Benzie Sunrise Rotary Foundation President Kris Thomas presided over the Foundation's annual meeting.
Among other things Kris reiterated the Foundation's role to facilitate grants to other non-profits and schools.  She reviewed the Foundation's grants during this past year, noting that the Foundation's $3,500 award to Northwest Michigan's Farm-to-Neighbor program through matching became a $16,000 gift.  Similarly, a $1,000 grant to the Benzie Food Partners--when matched by others--became a $5,000 donation.
In terms of business Kris noted the end of the terms of office of Board members Andy Ashworth and Linda Wood, thanking them for their service.  She stated that the Board had nominated Christopher Hodges and Jim Drubert to serve as new members, and they were unanimously elected by the membership.  The next Annual meeting is tentatively set for June 22, 2021.