Patty Roth is a social emotional educator for MSU Extension targeting key areas of importance to Michigan.  Today she focused on improving health and nutrition in Michigan residents with Mindfulness as a technique.
Patty Roth shared a mindfulness session with us today.  Mindfulness is:
  • Paying attention
  • On purpose
  • In the present moment, "here and now"
  • With a non-judgmental attitude
  • With kindness and compassion
The technique that Patty demonstrated was breathing mindfully.  This effort provides both mental and physical health benefits.  Mental health benefits include:
  • decreased anxiety, depression, ADD, substance abuse, grief and more.
  • improved quality of life while living with back pain, heart disease and other chronic conditions
  • assisting in ways to help people find meaning and purpose in their jobs and lives
  • improved memory and concentration
Physical health benefits include:
  • reduction in chronic pain
  • diabetics: better able to control blood glucose
  • better sleep
  • reduced cardiac risk factors, including lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • increased exercise
  • improved immunity , based on blood samples
I cannot attest to the long-term benefits, but I left the session far more relaxed than I have been for a long time!
Patty holds a BS from MSU and a Masters in counseling from WMU.  She also has a long history with Rotary starting as an exchange student and culminating as president of the Frankfort Rotary Club.  She, her husband and 4 children live in Frankfort, and she shared that her children are now so tuned in to the techniques she uses on them that they use them on her.