Joe Tobin runs the SEEDS after-school program for Benzie Central Middle Schoolers, acting as their "fun uncle" (according to Joe's wife).
Originally founded in 1999, SEEDS is a nonprofit that seeks to improve education for K-12 students in a variety of subjects through after-school programs.  Locally the organization is operating under a five-year grant.
At the Benzie Central Middle School the SEEDS program operates from 2:45 to 5:45 every school day, with students receiving homework assistance, a healthy meal and time outside.  While there is a focus on kids with disabilities and those who would be home alone after school, SEEDS will welcome anyone.
The daily schedule at the Middle School includes homework help, a program (such as painting or cooking), free time and on occasion a field trip.  The basic idea is to help participating students in terms of their grades, behavior, social performance and long-term goals.  At the end of the day transportation home is provided by Benzie Bus.
SEEDS is looking for volunteers, as well as a staff person.  More information about this worthwhile program is available on their website.