This past year Manuel ("Manny") Lamarche has been the College Advisor for the Benzie and Frankfort Schools.  He reported on his year as advisor.
Manny provided data as to his one-on-one meetings with seniors, SAT or ACT registration of seniors, FAFSA completion and 1+ college application ("college" meaning any post-secondary education).  He had one-on-one meetings with 81% of the Benzie seniors and 97% of the Frankfort seniors.  Some 71% of Benzie seniors filed college applications, as compared to 79% of Frankfort students.  The schools receiving applications were numerous.  In terms of intention to enroll, 47% of Benzie seniors intend to enroll at a post-secondary institution, as opposed to 64% of Frankfort seniors.
Those of us in the community can help by pressing students on their post-graduation plans, asking them about the status of their FAFSA and encouraging them to meet with their school advisor and to participate in career expos and the like.
Manny has made several valuable resources available to students:
  • College-going Culture Curriculum
  • Post-Secondary Website
  • Senior Year Guide
  • Advising General Manual
  • Report-Community-Rotary and LCAM
Having accepted a position at Ferris State, Manny's last day at his present position will be Friday.  Big thanks to him for the fine job he has done here!