Dr. Kara Murphy Gregory is founder and Executive Director of PoWeR! Book Bags--a 501(c)(3) that seeks to empower children to play, write and read to build a better tomorrow.
PoWeR! Book Bags has been in existence since 2016,  operating out of 20 locations across northern Michigan.  Its operations have been hindered by the pandemic, but Val has introduced Kara to library people in Michigan and Kara looks forward to getting into the Benzie schools.
Kara explained how there is a direct correlation between a child's success in school and three factors:  the number of words spoken directly to the child, the number of books the child owns, and the mother's level of education.  Thus the more books a child owns, the better he or she will do in school.
PoWeR! Book Bags has distributed 110,000 books and 28,000 bags in northern Michigan, buying new books from a Canadian source for $1 a book with donated funds and grants.  The organization has many volunteers but could always use more.  More information about the organization and its volunteer opportunities is available on the group's website.