Today Pat Kiely gave the first of two new member bios.
A native of St. Louis, Pat told of his heritage: 100% Irish.  Unlike his father and grandfather, who were engaged in law enforcement, Pat got a degree in Business Administration as well as in post-graduate studies. He worked for a title company for the next 48 years.  He was based in St. Louis but spent much of his time on the road as an auditor investigating claims of fraud or misappropriation of funds.
After spending 66 years in St. Louis, Pat retired two years ago.  His wife Christine had ties to Benzie County that precipitated their move to Crystal Lake.  For many years Pat's passion was playing baseball; now his energies are directing to hiking (including the Appalachian Trail). In his working years Pat never had the opportunity to become a Rotarian but looks forward to being an active Sunrise Rotarian.