An exchange student sponsored jointly by the Frankfort and Sunrise Rotary Clubs, Marcin Swierkot gave us a short primer on the history of Poland, followed by a discussion of his life as an exchange student living in Frankfort.
Coming from Warsaw--with  two million inhabitants-- Marcin was first struck by how small a town Frankfort is.  But he quickly learned how friendly the locals are and how picturesque the town is.
Warsaw has a long history, but the city was wiped out in World War II.  Thus none of the original structures survived the war, but much of the old part of the city has been rebuilt to go along with the skyscrapers that have been erected.  Soccer is the number one sport in Poland, as popular there as football and baseball here.  When asked about his excellent English, Marcin said that English is taught in the Polish schools from kindergarten on.
Marcin has found Americans to be much more open than most people in Poland, and he thanked local Rotarians for sponsoring him as an exchange student and putting him up with such a welcoming host family. At Frankfort High he has excelled both as a student and as an athlete, and he will graduate with a regular diploma.  This time of year he particularly enjoys skiing, and he thanked Chris and Crystal Mountain profusely for his season pass.
Marcin left us all feeling proud to be supporting the Rotary exchange program.