Posted by John Ester on Oct 02, 2018
Before addressing the Club, District Governor Brian Robertson presents Club member Michelle Russell with Paul Harris recognition while Club President Jeff Rabidoux looks on.
Ours is the 39th Rotary Club that Brian has visited. While his task has been to inspire the clubs, Brian has found that the clubs have inspired him. Having met with the Club Board prior to today's meeting, he commended us for fund-raising through a Fajita dinner rather than the time-worn chicken barbecue.
Brian said that in building fellowship and friendship clubs must take care of their members first. People who join Rotary become part of a global network of people who can change the world. As stated in this year's motto, we need to be the inspiration for others.
Brian talked of the importance of the Rotary Foundation in the effort to eradicate polio and otherwise. The Foundation has new tools available with respect to global peace and the fair distribution of resources, and less than 9% of money donated to the Foundation goes to administrative expenses. He urged us all to give what we feel is fair.
With respect to polio Brian said that it is is now present in only three nations:  Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is critical that we eradicate polio in all these nations, particularly with our troops and others in Afghanistan.
Finally Brian urged us to send representatives to the District's Basic Training program on October 27 at the Kettunen Center and to the District Conference at Sault Ste Marie in May of 2019.