Jeff Rabidoux, our newest member, gave his bio and discussed the real estate market in Benzie County.
Eleven years ago Jeff was in real estate in Auburn Hills, wondering what his next career move would be, when he ran into an old friend who was a successful builder in Oakland County and in Glen Arbor.  The friend persuaded Jeff to take a look at his development in Glen Arbor--Le Bear--and he offered Jeff a job there.  Jeff took the job, splitting his time between Glen Arbor and downstate. He loved the area and spent much of his spare time skiing and playing golf at Crystal Mountain.
Le Bear went under with the crash of the real estate market, but Jeff has thrived.  He settled in Glen Arbor and married Katie, who runs a bed and breakfast in Glen Arbor. This past May Jeff joined the Crystal Mountain Realty team, and his sales in 2015 will exceed $5.5 million. In addition to selling real estate, Jeff is a talented landscape photographer, as was evident from the samples he shared.  From May through November Jeff also helps Katie with the B&B she runs. He is also Vice President of the Glen Lake Chamber of Commerce.  One of his most rewarding activities has been his work for "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep," which involves taking photographs for families who have suffered infant deaths.
Following his biographical presentation Jeff analyzed the real estate market in Benzie County.  Among other things he talked about recent legislation that permits families to pass along their homes to children without removing the cap on their property's evaluation.
Jeff surely has much to offer Sunrise Rotary!