Tim Griffen gave the last of the new member bios.
Tim was born in Minneapolis but raised in Lexington, KY.  When he was 18 the family vacationed at Watervale and fell in love with the place.  Tim's parents bought property on Lake Michigan and built a house for the family.
Tim  attended Wittenberg University and ended up with a minor in East Asian studies.  He decided to move to Asia and was introduced to the Masters in International Business program at the University of South Carolina.  His first job in 1986 was as a portfolio manager living in Japan.  He spent the next 37 years managing Japanese investment portfolios on behalf of clients.
Tim was a keen athlete, playing squash and running marathons.  After running his 18th marathon in 2015 in Chicago Tim had his annual check-up and learned that he had a 3.5-centimeter lump in his lungs.  A lung tumor biopsy and MRI at UPenn confirmed that Tim had stage-four metastatic melanoma.
Tim says that thanks to the miracle of medical progress he is dealing with the disease here in Michigan and has survived a number of scares.  He is pleased to be healthy and a part of Benzie Sunrise Rotary.