Posted by John Ester on Apr 16, 2019
Michael Musgrave tells how he ended up in Beulah as a new member of Benzie Sunrise Rotary. 
Michael spent his formative years in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In high school he became in involved in theater and journalism and upon graduation went to DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. While pursuing a liberal arts degree Michael worked as a waiter at the Theta house, where he met future wife Lisa (although they didn't go on their first date until they attended their 10-year reunion).
After graduation Michael worked for Enterprise Leasing in Indianapolis. He was there for seven years and among other things started two used car dealerships. But he got the seven-year itch and in 1999 he and three others started a company that published a magazine on the food, wine and spirits of the Indianapolis area. Then he re-met Lisa and they got married and began raising children. In the meantime Michael got licensed to teach school and ended up teaching middle school in an inner city school in Indianapolis.
After baby #3 arrived, child care cost the Musgraves as much as Michael was making as a teacher, while Lisa was building a thriving dental practice. Michael says the obvious solution was for him to become Mr. Mom, which he describes as the most challenging of all the jobs he has had.
The Musgraves discovered Beulah and Crystal Lake on the way back home from a trip to Traverse City.  They always wanted to raise their kids in a small town where they could make a difference, and  they made the decision to move here after the late Charlie Kehr's dental practice in Beulah became available to purchase.  Michael says he is still Mr. Mom, but he also manages the dental office and is working on two books.  He looks forward to finding his niche in Sunrise Rotary.