Nature photographer Charles St. Charles III told us about his ambitious project to capture the natural world throughout the continent with time lapse cameras and live video.
This is a three-year project, the first year of which is already "in the can." Charles goes out 4-6 weeks each season to photograph aspects of nature in specific regions of the continent, such as the Great Lakes, the North American desert and the Great Plains.  While still in the fund-raising mode, he already has set up modified Go Pro cameras at parks and various other locations throughout the states. He is working on an arrangement with the Bluebird Society that hopefully will include installing cameras inside bluebird boxes. He also is working with schools with a goal of teaching students to build their own cameras to connect with their own computers.
The oral presentation was accompanied by photographs of many examples of nature, including "pouting" trillium, a 92-yard tall redwood, a dancing prairie chicken and thousands of migrating cranes. Those interesting in learning more about the many facets of Charles St. Charles should check out his website.