Paul Clulo shared his life story with our club.
Paul is a native "Yooper" being born in Marquette.  Paul's moved to Midland at 6 weeks of age and grew up in that area but spent summers in Marquette and has always had a deep love for that area.  
While growing up in the Midland area Paul attended Catholic Schools where an 8th grade teacher encouraged him to attend Notre Dame University.  Remembering the strong recommendation of the teacher, who was also a Nun, after his high school graduation Paul set off to Notre Dame to study Chemistry.  Paul remembers that Chemistry was not a subject that came easily to him, he was told by a Professor his Sophomore year that Chemistry may not be "his thing".  Bound and determined to prove the Professor wrong, Paul continued his studies in Chemistry and graduated from Notre Dame with a Chemistry Degree.  
After graduating from Notre Dame Paul moved on to Marquette University to study law.  This is where he feels he found his true calling, Paul enjoyed law and excelled in his studies.  After graduating from Marquette University Paul moved back to Midland where he worked in the Legal Department of Dow Chemical for a few years.  He then went into Private Legal Practice for 20 years.  Paul always appreciated and identified with Judges and in 1984 ran to be the Circuit Court Judge in Midland and he won the election.  Paul served in that role for 25 years.  Paul has been an influential figure in the Michigan Judicial System and served as president of the Michigan Judges Association.
Paul is an accomplished trumpet player. He played Solo Lead in the Notre Dame Band for 4 years and was a member of the Midland Symphony Orchestra for 20 years.  Since moving to Northern Michigan Paul has played with the Interlochen Band Camp as well as other symphonies.
Paul and his wife Carol bought a vacation home in Northern Michigan in 1971 and have loved this area for decades.  He and Carol have 3 children and 5 grandchildren.  
Paul has been a Rotarian for 43 years, 35 of those years were in the Midland Club and the most recent 8 have been as a member of the Benzie Sunrise Rotary Club.  Paul has seen a lot of changes in his years in Rotary.  His favorite "Rotary Moment" is when, as the result of a Supreme Court Decision, women were allowed to join Rotary Clubs.  Our club is fortunate to have Paul as a member!