Club Member Kris Thomas shared her life story with the club.  
Kris attended Kalamazoo College then the University of Michigan where she studied Nuclear Engineering.  Upon graduation Kris started her professional career working at a Nuclear Power Facility in Wisconsin.  From there she accepted a position with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in the Chicagoland Area.  Kris remembers that when she was resigning from her position in Wisconsin her supervisor told her that she lacked the "moxie" to have a successful career at the NRC.  After looking up the work moxie in the dictionary, Kris agreed that she would need to change to be a successful Inspector with the NRC.  At the time she was very shy and introverted.  This was a turning point in Kris' life and career.
While working at the NRC Kris held a number of key positions in the Organization which lead her to Washington D.C.  While working in D.C. Kris met her husband Cecil who also worked at the NRC.   After marrying and continuing to work in Washington, Cecil had the opportunity to take an early retirement and did so as they felt the time was right for a change.  
Kris and Cecil moved to Northern Michigan in 2000 and live in the Empire area.  After moving to the area, Kris worked as a substitute teacher for 3 years in the Glen Lake School District.  In 2010 a friend invited her to attend a meeting of the Benzie Sunrise Rotary Club.  Kris joined the club and has been making a significant difference ever since!  Kris has served as Club President and has chaired a number of committees and has devoted countless hours to our club.  Kris mentioned that joining Rotary was another turning point in her life.  Our club is fortunate to have Kris as a member and we are thankful for all she does!!