Posted by John Ester on Sep 17, 2019
Troy DeShano, Communications and Special Projects Manager at Michigan Legacy Art Park, gave us an update on the non-profit based at Crystal Mountain Resort & Spa.
Founded by Detroit sculptor David Barr, Legacy Art Park is located in the midst of a 30-acre preserve at Crystal Mountain and contains almost 50 permanent sculptures.  Along with the art works it features hiking trails, outdoor concerts, art and nature workshops, as well as educational program.
As illustrated by Troy's slides, each work of art (such as a model of a P-51 from World War II) has a story.  Guided tours at the Park provide an opportunity for visitors to see all 50 sculptures.  In terms of educational programs, field trips at the Park have doubled in size since the Park has obtained grants from groups like our Foundation to cover the cost of bussing. A golf cart is avalable to assist those who cannot cover the trails on foot.
The Park's six-week Summer Concert Series brings in diverse artists and draws a diverse audience.  A recent event called Quick Draw featured a competition among over 100 plein air artists creating works of art all over Crystal Mountain with plenty of fascinated onlookers.
As a non-profit Legacy Art Park must rely on contributions.  The group has a golf outing every June, as well as the Legacy Gala each August.  In addition to funds the Park is always looking for volunteers to lead tours and the like.