Ed Hoogterp, Benzie County Drain Commissioner, spoke about the impact and management of stormwater runoff.
Water is the key asset and economic driver for Benzie County.  Ed spoke about his role as Drain Commissioner and his efforts to maintain and protect that asset.
Historically, the role of the Drain Commissioner was to help move water from property directly to lakes and streams.  Now it is to do whatever is possible to maintain water on the land where it falls.  Rain events over 1 inch make this difficult and result in problems for property owners.  In nature, 90% of a rainfall is absorbed into the land with 10% running off.  With the increase of impervious surfaces (roofs, roads, asphalt driveways, etc) this ratio is reversed.  The result is increased runoff carrying with it excess nutrients, sediment and bacteria. 
E.coli is a particular problem impacting Beulah Beach at least once a season.  The source can be human but is more often from the guts of other warm-blooded mammals.  Developments in DNA analysis tools will soon allow near realtime feedback and provide potential sources.
The Benzie Conservation District is in the process of seeking a major, $500,000+, grant to remediate the primary source of e.Coli on Crystal Lake which is the Cold Creek sub-watershed.