Posted by John Ester on Dec 05, 2017
Scott Barker narrated a slide show featuring photos from one of the trips he has led to Israel.
Our tour of Israel began at Caesarea Maritima ("by the sea"), where Herod the Great built a city and harbor on the site of an ancient fortified town. Among its features was a vast hippodrome that seated more than 22,000 for chariot races.  Ruins of the hippodrome are still there, along with aqueducts built by the Romans 2000 years ago.
Next was Caesarea Philippi north of the Sea of Galilee. According to New Testament passages, it was here that Peter called Jesus the Messiah, to which Jesus replied that "on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it." The remains of an archway built in 3000-4000 BC can be found there, as well as a 6,000-year-old palace.
The Sea of Galilee reminds Scott of Crystal Lake. It is believed that Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount at the Mount of the Beatitudes, a small hill on the lake's northwestern side. Next was the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth.  It is so loaded with minerals that no fish can live in it, and bathers can lie back on its surface a read a paper.
We concluded our tour at the revered holy city of Jerusalem. For Jews it is the city King David made the capital of his kingdom. For Christians it is where Christ died, was buried and rose again, and the birthplace of the Church. For Muslims it is the Holy, because they believe Muhammad ascended to heaven from the Temple Mount located in the Old City of Jerusalem. This is where the iconic golden-roofed Dome of the Rock is located.
Scott invited all who are interested to join him on his next trip to the Holy Land in March of 2019.