Dan Worth is Clean Energy Program Director for the Groundwork Center in Traverse City, successor to the Michigan Land Use Institute. Groundwork is a nonprofit serving residents and communities within a 10-county area in northwest Michigan.
Founded 25 years ago as the Michigan Land Use Institute, the group's initial issue was with food--providing connections for local farmers with the "Taste the Local Difference" program.  Five years ago the organization changed its name and broadened its focus.  It currently has a staff of 20 and a budget of $2.5 million a year.
Groundwork's current focus is on three areas:  clean energy, mobility and food.  With regard to energy, Groundwork is asking communities and their schools to commit to 100% reliance on renewable energy by a specific date--2035 in the case of Traverse City, 2030 with Petoskey.
With regard to mobility Groundwork is concerned with the traffic issues in Traverse City and the surrounding area. It is exploring rail service from Ann Arbor, as well as improvement in bus service and ride-sharing.
With respect to food Groundwork continues to work with local farmers and food pantries.  When we were struck with the pandemic Groundwork created a crowdfunding platform that it has utilized to assist farmers and food pantries, as well as a Habitat for Humanity project.
Groundwork is always looking for more community involvement.  More information about the organization is available on its website.