Ariel Dempsey, a young physician from Grand Rapids, is pursuing a PhD in Science and Religion at the University of Oxford as a Rotary Global Scholar. She addressed us from England with a PowerPoint program via Zoom.
Ariel is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where she took a pre-med curriculum while engaging in track and cross-country, as well as Michigan State University, where she got her MD.  She seeks her PhD in Science and Religion through the Rotary Foundation Global Grant Scholars Program.
Ariel has had opportunities to serve her community in England through the local Rotary club.  Her ultimate career goal is to become a palliative care physician and an academic theologian.  She does not believe that science and religion conflict, but  rather that people with conflicting interests view matters with different lenses.
Ariel is in her second year at Oxford.  Following the completion of her studies Ariel wants to come back to Michigan.