Tim Jones and Liz Negrau of the Frankfort Area Community Land Trust gave us a PowerPoint presentation about workforce housing.
The Frankfort Area Community Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) non-profit chartered by the Frankfort Housing Commission but serving all of Benzie County.  Its focus is on the "missing middle"--working indivduals and families who do not qualify for subsidized housing but are priced out of the current market.  The Trust builds or acquires turn-key homes, retaining ownership of the land in perpetuity but selling the homes to qualifying purchasers.  
The Trust also advocates for zoning that enables middle-income housing:
  • Minimum Height
  • Smaller lot size
  • Setbacks
  • Square footage
  • Density
According to Liz, the Trust and the Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency are "soldiers in arms."  She urges Benzie residents, businesses and organizations to join the Trust's volunteer and donor community through the trust website.