Kevin Thomas, Registered Dietician at Munson Medical Center, gave us a primer on diabetes and the importance of counting carbs.
Ninety percent of diabetics have Type II diabetes, meaning that their bodies produce insulin, but not enough.  Twenty-nine million Americans have diabetes, but another 86 million have pre-diabetes.  This means that 35% of adult Americans have some degree of blood sugar impairment.
Several factors affect blood sugar, but food is first on the list. Carbohydrates are the primary source of fuel in the diet.  They break down to glucose and are necessary in every diet.  But diabetics must limit their intake of carbohydrates:  45-60 grams/meal for women and 60-75 grams/meal for men.  Total carbs are the most important thing in a diabetic's diet, and a diabetic should count the total carbs in every meal.
Kevin also talked about portion size and the other factors everyone should consider in pursuing a healthy diet.  There is nothing better than green vegetables, but proteins and fats are essential, too.  The key is a balanced diet, with perhaps 1/2 a plate of the "good stuff" and 1/4 plate of starch.  As in other areas, moderation is the goal.