Posted by John Ester on Dec 18, 2018
Tim Furbacher is the Nordic Program Director of the Crystal Community Ski Club (CCSC). While CCSC has a full slate of programs to bring affordable alpine (downhill) and nordic (cross-country) skiing to local residents, Tim's focus today was on the NordicRocks program for our area's elementary schools.
Crystal Community Ski Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that seeks to provide short NordicRocks skis and instruction for elementary school students in our area. The club has 85 skis on order and will need a total of 110-120 to have enough for all four elementary schools. The program seeks to promote winter fun and wellness--providing exercise in lieu of video games.
Tim believes that we have the snow, terrain and facilities, but lack the culture.  He sees getting kids hooked at an early age as the way to build that culture.
NordicRocks skis cost $75 a pair, and CCSC is seeking contributions in that amount.  Those interested in supporting the program are encouraged to check out the CCSC website.