Posted by Bruce Gerhart on Feb 26, 2019
Bob Eichenlaub spoke to our Rotary Club about climate change. He is a retired school teacher from Traverse City and came to our meeting representing Citizens' Climate Lobby. 


Citizens' Climate Lobby was founded by Marshall Saunders, a Rotarian, who envisions the goal of finding a non-partisan agreement on legislation that can reduce CO2 emissions while stimulating the economy.


Bob’s presentation noted and described the evidence for anthropogenic climate change and proposed an idea for addressing the problem through energy innovation and a carbon dividend tax. This is considered a solution – market driven approach. The group has formed a climate caucus in the house with an equal number of members from both parties. Jack Bergman is a member.


A bill is being introduced in the house called the energy innovation and carbon emission tax. The purpose of the lobby is to extol the positive effects by charging a fee on fossil fuels, and returning that revenue to households as a dividend.


You can read more about it on the lobby website  Bob invites Rotarians to contact him to answer questions as well as be more involved in this effort if motivated to do so.