Gabe Kennis, Michael Shaub and Eryk Feala from BSA Troop 267 returned to report on the trip they took to Alaska with the help of Benzie Sunrise Rotary and many other generous supporters.
The scouts' primary destination in Alaska was Sitka.  Highlights there included the Russian Orthodox Church, Totem Park, the Raptor Center and the Fortress of the Bears.  Their service project entailed 60 hours of work at the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Sitka, spent clearing an extremely overgrown trail  They also spent two days at what was described as a "bear-infested" island.  While the scouts saw no bears there, they enjoyed the black sand beaches.  They also learned about the tides (and how to avoid becoming stranded when a sand bar turns into an island!).
Other memorable parts of the trip involved fishing (with great success!), hiking difficult trails, going to the Eagle River Boy Scout Camp and zip-lining.  It sounded like the trip of a lifetime!