Bill Kennis provided the second new-member biography.
A downstate native, Bill was president of his high school class. From there he went to Central Michigan, where he became Student Body President and wrote up a proposal that led to the Student Activities Center--now a major campus attraction. After graduation from CMU Bill became a manufacturer's rep in the automotive industry.
When that stint ended, Bill invented a novelty chipper known as a "foot wedge."  He then obtained an MBA at Michigan State and in the process met a vascular surgeon with whom he developed a compression sock for elite athletes (the "Oxy Sock"). Thus he is an entrepreneur whose skills include marketing and fund-raising. 
Bill ended up in Frankfort due to his wife's love of the area and (since Bill is a pilot) the availability of the Frankfort Airport. He believes the timing was right for him to become the Executive Director at Benzie Bus, and he is enjoying his time there.