Today Mary Lane as its President conducted the annual membership meeting of the Benzie Sunrise Rotary Foundation.
Mary explained that the purpose of the Foundation is to serve as a tax-deductible vehicle for Club members and others to support the Club's charitable work.  The Foundation also can be used to make memorials and other special tributes.
The primary reason for the annual meeting being the election of Board members to replace those whose terms are up,  the membership approved Michelle Russell and Phil Lambert--the Board's nominees--as new directors for three-year terms.  The Foundation directors will elect a new President at their next meeting.
Mary explained the manner in which grant applications are handled, as well as the sources for Foundation funds.  Grant applications are reviewed quarterly, and approved grants are annouced in the Record Patriot.  Mary listed the 2020-2021 Foundation grants, which ranged from $289.32 to the BCCS Robotics Program to $3,500 to the Women's Resource Center.  Over its 8-year history the Foundation has made grants in the total sum of $110,200.31.
The Foundation currently has $21,819.87 in its checking account and $48,538.06 in the Foundation Endowment Fund at the Grand Traverse Reegional Community Foundation.
On behalf of the Club Val thanked Mary for her fine work as President of the Foundation.