Jeffie Lynch-Jones is the Secretary/Treasurer of Benzie Food Partners, an all-volunteer food pantry that has been providing food and personal hygiene items to Benzie County residents for nearly 25 years.

Jeffie began her presentation by thanking Sunrise Rotary for our financial support--the most recent being a grant from the Sunrise Foundation that when matched by District 6290 became a $5,000 contribution.  The District grant was intended to provide emergency money  to help relieve local hardships due to the pandemic.

When the pandemic struck in April of 2020, BFP had to change its distribution techniques, going to curbsite delivery only.  The organization originally gave patrons a box with a couple of food items along with non-food items, but they have since gone to the use of more user-friendly menus for the clients to complete and present upon their visits.

BFP is now open four days a week, and patrons are able to visit twice a month.  Special arrangements are made for holidays, such as the pies available for Christmas.  All Benzie County residents are welcome to Benzie Food Partners, the only checking of a patron being to confirm a Benzie County address.

As noted, Benzie Food Partners is run by volunteeers, and they could always use more help.  And financial contributions are always needed and most appreciated, as they maximize the Partners' purchasing power.