Bill Kennis, energetic new director for Benzie Bus, brought us up to speed on this valuable community service.
Benzie Bus transports more than 83,000 passengers a year.  It has 1,666 core riders that use the service an average of 42 times a year--almost once a week. An astounding 97% of its riders say that they would recommend the Benzie Bus service to others.  Seven of the twenty-two Benzie Bus vehicles are powered by propane.
At present 80% of current riders use dial-a-ride service--more convenient for riders but less efficient for the provider.  Benzie Bus is adjusting its fare schedule accordingly.  The service is also adding more fixed routes to and from Traverse City, among other places.  Benzie Bus will offer free transportation to the polls next week, just as it has offered free shuttle service for other special events.
Other areas being considered include advertising and establishing new bus stops and shelters.  Under Bill's leadership Benzie Bus seems to be on the right road!