Today we moved closer to our usual format with a PowerPoint presentation by Devin Moore, Education & Outreach Coordinator for Aryana Natural Foods.
Founded in 1973 as a buying club, Aryana is named after a South American goddess of fertility, harvest and abundance. In 2002 Aryana became the first Certified Organic Retailer in the country.  Today it has more than 7,000 owners and 100 employees, with annual sales exceeding $16million.  Recently Ayana acquired the facility in Traverse City previously operated as Lucky's.
Aryana's purpose is to provide high-quality food produced in ecologically sound ways at fair value to owners and the community.  Its priorities are to People, Planet, Purpose and Profit--in that order.
In her position Devin talks to various groups about such things as healthy eating, living greener, labeling, farming, pollinators and climate change.  Recently she spoke to a Girl Scouts troup about female-owned businesses. 
Aryana has adjusted to Covid-19 issues, requiring customers to wear face masks and providing curbside pickup of food ordered by phone or online.