Marlene Wood, retiring Benzie County Recycling Coordinator, provided an update on recycling in Benzie County.
In lieu of putting solid wastes in a landfill, Benzie County has opted for a comprehensive recycling program. Under this program all households pay an annual fee that allows residents to dispose of their recyclables in bins at convenient locations throughout the county.  Businesses can subscribe to the recycling program for a fee. Initially it was necessary for those disposing of recyclables to segregate the various types of recyclable material, but now everything goes into the same bin.
In addition to residential recycling the county works with individuals and organizations within the community to clean up after social events and to set up operations to dispose of unwanted items such as farm chemicals and tires. Benzie County Recycling was responsible for cleaning up the junk at the Fewins junk yard and at the site of Bud's in Honor.  Benzie County Recycling also has worked on programs with groups such as Grow Benzie and has encouraged kids to "Keep it clean, keep it green!"
Marlene will be missed but looks forward to retirement, where she will have many fish to fry (literally!).