Posted by John Ester on Apr 23, 2019
Allan O’Shea is the founder and President of Contractors Building Supply, Inc. in Copemish. He and his company have been in the renewable energy business for nearly 40 years.
CBS Solar, a division of Contractors Building Supply, works towards establishing solar energy as a primary source of electricity for commercial and residential properties throughout the US. As noted by General Contractor magazine, “Its passionate commitment to communication and quality has given Contractors Building Supply Solar a reputation for being one of Michigan’s most trusted solar contractors.” 
Allan noted the changes that have occurred in renewable energy over the years. In 1972 solar energy was virtually unknown.  Even after it was used on a larger scale, Allan had to travel all over the country to obtain profitable business. In the last ten years things have changed, permitting Allan to concentrate the operations of CBS Solar on the northwest corner of Michigan.
In our area Consumers Power and Cherryland Electric are very committed to renewable energy. Allan believes that in 20 years solar and wind will be the primary sources of electricity.
Over the last three years there have been significant developments to improve the productivity of solar energy, including:
  • Titanium coating of panels
  • Bifacial panels
  • Special tracking devices
  • Battery Storage Systems (BSS)
The Q&A session following Allan’s presentation demonstrated how interested people are in renewable energy. For more information about Allan and CBS Solar check out their website.