Posted by John Ester on Apr 24, 2018
For the last two and a half years Kelly Ottinger has been the Fundraising Coordinator for BACN (Benzie Area Christian Neighbors), a nonprofit that has been serving the community for 35 years.
Kelly began by thanking Sunrise Rotary for its impact since 2008 on BACN's Adult Education Program. Through our support some 34 individuals have received GED degrees.
Relying in part on a study in which Sunrise Rotary played a major role, BACN has made food security in our community its first priority. Thus BACN is developing a next generation nutrient-based food pantry.
Kelly shared some moments of individual impact, highlighting individuals needing help and community generosity in responding to those needs. She also showed "Share Neighbors," a video showing dedicated BACN volunteers. All agreed that Kelly's real-life stories got BACN's message across much more effectively than pie charts or dry statistics would have.