Sarah Anderson (with assistance from husband Richard) gave us a slide show about the farm-based distillery that her family is opening outside of Thompsonsville.
Iron Fish will be Michigan's first family-owned farm-based distillery.  Located on a 119-acre farm, the business will use local grain, water and yeast to produce a variety of spirits, including vodka, gin, rum and whiskey.  Ground-breaking was last fall for the 4,900-square foot building that will serve as both a solar-powered production facility and a tasting room.
The grand opening of business was originally scheduled for March, but detailed licensing requirements required postponing that for a few months.  Iron Fish will use stills that are being hand made in Germany for delivery in mid-March.  Plans are underway for an after-hours get-together at the farm in September.  A historic barn on the farm is being restored and will be available for outside events as well as Iron Fish activities.
Sounds like another fine addition to our community!